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Christiane Jacquemetton

Christiane is a PhD student at UCLA studying domestic dog skull shape, and how breeding dogs for extreme skull shapes may affect the parts of their skull that are related to sense of smell. She is originally from the Los Angeles area, and spends too much of her free time watching animal videos on Youtube. She is excited about Insufficient Facts because she gets an excuse to nerd out about cool science and share it with others.

Kyle Naughton

Kyle is a doctoral student at USC studying the emergence of life and the physics of communities. He’s from Southern California and when he’s not in lab he’s at the beach in Malibu or shaping surfboards. He’s excited about Insufficient Facts the Podcast because he wants to get you as stoked about science as he is.

Rockelle Guthrie

Rockelle is a 2nd year graduate student at UCLA studying the neuroscience of sleep, learning, and memory. She was born in Jamaica and grew up in a small town in northern Indiana. Outside of science, she loves being on the mats with her teammates training Brazilian jiu jitsu. In being a part of this podcast, Rockelle hopes to lift the veil of what life is like as a graduate student while sharing her unconditional love for science and the process of scientific discovery

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~ Christiane, Kyle, and Rockelle – Insufficient Facts

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